Thursday, August 04, 2005

Opening days activities will include instruction on Levels of Questioning which explains how questions affect class discussion. The FIRST LEVEL of questioning generates from Bloom's Cognitive Taxonomy's Knowledge/Comprehension component and asks students to recall something from the text, using either the writer's words or the student's words and have only one answer. These questions of fact result in evidence. The SECOND LEVEL of questioning is from BCT's Analysis component and asks students to draw inferences about the meaning of a text, using evidence in the text to support answers and can result in a number of answers, all of which can be valid. These questions result in inferences. The THIRD LEVEL of questioning is from BCT's Evaluation/Synthesis component and asks students to make a personal connection between the text and themselves, moves the discussion beyond the text, requires an answer from the student's personal values, and are intended to provoke discussion of an abstract idea or issue. These questions result in topic sentences and thesis statements.

We will work with the three levels of questioning throughout the semester and additionally learn how to measure your commitment to learning with Bloom's Affective Taxonomy. More to come on this later.

Information in this posting is credited to with sincere thanks to Marcy Bowman.