Saturday, November 19, 2011

STUDYPATH* November 21-25, 2011

In-class assignments and class updates trump published blogs.


Multiple choice practice is scheduled for today
Unit Five Vocabulary Workshop responses due today; test is scheduled for Wednesday
The Great Gatsby class discussion continues in class for Chapters One-Five
Bedford Reader selections will continue next Monday, November 28 with Gloria Naylor's "The Meanings of a Word"; responses due are meaning 1, 4; writing strategies 1, 3; language 2
Rhetorical devices are covered in class
Chapters Six-Nine talking points for The Great Gatsby are due Wednesday

5 Steps to a 5 in-class work is scheduled for today
Rhetorical devices are covered in class
Great Gatsby DCQ homework assignment is due Tuesday, November 29

Unit Five Vocabulary Workshop test is scheduled for today
Check blog on Sunday evening for next week's assignments

Thanksgiving is a federal holiday; classes are not in session

Thanksgiving holiday continues; classes are not in session