Saturday, September 14, 2013

STUDYPATH* September 16-20, 2013

In-class assignments and class updates trump published blogs.


The Lesson of Ups
Show Up, Keep Up, Speak Up, Measure Up

Lincoln papers scored and returned to students; writing concerns addressed in class
Baldwin prompt is distributed to students for timed writing on Thursday
Words High School Students Should Know (WHSSSK) Words 11-20 are due today
Bedford Reader is due in class; outlining Chapter Two is due Tuesday, September 24 for all classes
Rhetorical devices and literary terms from Bedford Reader continue in class
Multiple choice practice is scheduled
Bedford Reader writing assignment is due Monday, September 23

Vocabulary Workshop diagnostic test and Unit One work continues in class
Period Six does not meet today
Synthesis Paper Two is due this morning by 8:30 A.M. on web site

Periods One and Three do not meet today
Baldwin timed-writing is scheduled tomorrow in class

In-class timed writing is scheduled today

The Great Gatsby Chapters One-Three class discussion concludes in class (Period One and Three)
Their Eyes Were Watching God Chapters One-Five class discussion concludes in class (Period Six)
Check STUDYPATH during the weekend for next week's assignments
Dialectical journals for Chapters Four-Six of The Great Gatsby are due Monday (Periods One and Three)
Dialectical journals for Chapters Six-Ten of Their Eyes Were Watching God are due Monday (Period Six)
Logic template responses (Analysis of the Logic of an Article) are due Wednesday, September 25 for all classes