Sunday, July 31, 2016


In-class assignments and class updates trump published blogs.


The Lesson of Ups
Show Up, Keep Up, Speak Up, Measure Up

Monday August 15
Unassigned day for students; first day of instruction is August 16

Tuesday August 16 account instructions; verification of account set up due by Friday
"What AP Readers Long To See" in-class discussion
AP English Language writing rubric reviewed with students
Summer work assignment due no later than Friday, August 19
Student Opening Bulletin distributed and due Friday, August 19
2016-2017 AP English Language Course Contract signed document due Friday
Definitions, Appeals and the Basic Transaction (Judy Brady's "Why I Want a Wife"

Wednesday August 17
Box Feature: AP Syllabus review
A Workable, Teachable Definition of Rhetoric
Understanding the Three Appeals and the Basic "Transaction" of Rhetoric
Words High School Students Should Know (WHSSSK) Words One-Ten are scheduled
Five Steps to a Five introduction and in-class assignment

Thursday August 18
WHSSSK Words One-Ten assignment due today; test is scheduled Friday
Data-Claim-Because the Enthymeme
Multiple choice prose passage, stems and distractors activity is scheduled

Friday August 19
WHSSSK Words One-Ten test is scheduled
Introduction to Analyzing the Logic of an Article template and columnist choices
2016-2017 AP English Language Course Contract signed document due today
Check STUDYPATH over the weekend for next week's assignments and class updates